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Owning a dog is a 24/7 responsibility; there will always be occasions when work or social commitments mean we have to leave our four-legged friends behind. Dachshunds Daycare was set up specifically to enable you to go out guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that in our care, your sausage dog will be supervised by someone who knows and loves the breed. They'll enjoy fun and fuss as one of our family with Frankie & Benji.

dachshund daycare for the Times when you're not there

Fun & fuss as a fully-fledged member of our sausage family

Here at Dachshunds Daycare, we aim to give you peace of mind. Leaving your dachshund is never easy, but our goal is to let you go about your daily business knowing that your dachshund/s will be welcomed and cared for within a safe, stimulating home-away-from-home environment. 

Your precious pooches will not only have the benefit of Paul and Kathryn's company (their very own Furbaby Godmother), but also enjoy the companionship of our resident sausage dogs, Frankie & Benji, as well as any other guest dogs in our care. They'll soon be great friends and running around our garden in their own 'sausage dog posse'.

Because the maximum number of guest dogs we look after at any one time is four (and typically two), Dachshunds Daycare is very much a 'premium' service. Your dog will have our full attention, be given lots of love and a jam-packed entertainment schedule. We take pride in offering a true 'home from home', where your pet is genuinely treated as one of our family. Don't just take our word for it though, please take a look at our recommendations.                          

During the day, under supervision, your dog/s will be able to explore the ground floor of our home and enclosed garden (which has two locked gates to exit). A supply of fresh water, regularly checked, is available in ground floor every room. More to the point, our home and facilities are designed to meet the needs of dachshunds, so there are plenty of stair gates and pet stairs to reduce some of the hazards that may result in injury. Within the hallway, an additional gate has been installed to create a second barrier to the front door.

Your pet/s will have plenty of opportunities to play, go for walks, rest and relax. We will tailor exercise to your dog and can go for long 1-hour strolls or short energetic 30-minute walks twice-a-day (in the morning and afternoon). These are complemented by structured games, which may be anything from ball throwing and tug-of-war (played safely) to water chase, bursting bubbles, hide and 'go seek' or find the treat. Our conservatory has been kitted out to provide a light, cosy den with covered seating and controlled heating (via an air conditioning unit), while the dining room offers an alternative, shaded nap area with comfortable dog baskets and soft crates. And, if your dachshund likes a little love and attention, The Furbaby Godmother is only too willing to give free cuddles and care (subject to making sure Frankie & Benji get some too of course!).

We'll post photos on social media anyway, but can message them direct to you if you prefer



We kindly request that you please give us 7 DAYS notice if you wish to cancel daycare. Please note that failure to do so may result in you being charged the full rate.