Dachshunds Daycare agrees to provide services subject to our

Terms of service

When using our services, you will be bound by any regulations, guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be imposed with respect to local authority licence requirements, posted on our website and referenced in our Operations Manual. References to 'dog' includes all dogs using our services at the same time.

Dachshunds daycare terms of service



While every effort is taken by Dachshunds Daycare to keep all dogs safe, happy and entertained, of course, there are sometimes factors beyond our control, and accidents can happen. In the unlikely event that your dog becomes injured or unwell while in our care, and we deem a visit to a vet is required, we will take your dog to our nominated veterinary practice or the closest vet if needed, and contact you and/or your emergency contact to make you/them aware of the situation. As the owner, you assume all costs incurred that fall outside either your or our insurance coverage. If your dog is responsible for any injury to another dog, animal or person while either at home with us (if your dog is in our boarding care) or in a public place, you accept financial liability for injury to the third party, if the incident is deemed to have been caused by your dog. In the event of any dispute as to blame, our decision will be final. In accepting our services, you agree to the following:

  • You authorise Kathryn Jones/Dachshunds Daycare to act as guardian during your absence and to take any action which she considers suitable in order to protect and keep your dog in good health 
  • You understand and accept that Dachshunds Daycare is not responsible for loss, damage, or destruction of any items left with your dog
  • You understand that your dog may be separated from other dogs, at the discretion of Dachshunds Daycare, if it is deemed to be in the best interests of the dogs

Furthermore, in respect of your dog, you will confirm that:

  • Your dog has been treated for worms and fleas
  • Your dog is in good health for arrival
  • Your dog is not 'in-season' (In-season dogs cannot be accepted as there may be intact males in our care)
  • A vaccination or Titre Test certificate has been presented to Dachshunds Daycare
  • You understand Dachshunds Daycare has relied on your representation of your dog’s health and that any pre-existing health concerns or known allergies have been disclosed and discussed
  • You understand that there is no licensed vet on site and that Dachshunds Daycare may not be able to detect or diagnose a medical condition in your dog
  • You must disclose any known dangers associated with your dog and understand that if there is a history of aggression or biting Dachshunds Daycare reserves the right to refuse entry to your dog and, furthermore, that any future behaviour deemed dangerous or inappropriate by Dachshunds Daycare may result in the instant dismissal of your dog


 The emergency contact you provide will be asked to take over care for your dog in the event of an emergency, be it illness or injury on my part, an evacuation at my home in the event of a fire or such like, or if your dog has displayed behaviour which means they can no longer be cared for. These behaviours can be, but not limited to, aggression, separation anxiety, anti-social behaviour, toileting or destructive behaviour in my home. The dog will be removed with immediate effect and placed with the emergency contact and no refund will be due. Please seek permission for your emergency contact to be nominated. 


  At Dachshunds Daycare, we offer an ‘exclusive’ service: we deliberately choose to look after a small number of additional dogs so that we can give them the same care and attention we give our own. Our services are intended for dachshunds only, however, we may accept small dog/s with dachshund/s from the same household for daycare or board if no other dachshunds are in our care. In offering our services, there may be times when we are asked to look after dachshunds from more than one household at a time in addition to our own two resident dogs, Frankie and Benji. In accepting our services, you understand that your dog will mix with Dachshund Daycare’s resident dogs, Frankie and Benji, and customer dogs from multiple other households and give your full permission for them to mix together.


All dogs must also be wormed and treated for fleas/tics before being placed and fully up-to-date with their yearly vaccinations. At Dachshunds Daycare, we are aware that some owners choose not to give their dogs the traditional annual or bi-annual vaccinations. We are happy to accommodate such dogs, providing we are shown proof that they have been titer-tested and have the necessary levels of antibodies. All vaccinations or course of vaccinations should be completed at least two weeks prior to any boarding. We reserve the right to decline to accept any dog that arrives for boarding looking visibly unwell, no refund will be given if declined. We cannot board dogs who have been in kennels or large day care facilities within the month preceding the board. This is because of the risk of infection to other dogs within our homes. In accepting our services, you understand that your dog may possibly be in care with and/or walked together with guest dogs who choose titer-testing as an alternative to traditional vaccinations, and give your full permission for them to mix together. 


You agree to disclose any current illnesses or ailments and will supply and detail any medication for such ailments on the Medication Permission form. If any illness appears or has not been disclosed upon drop-off and appears to be or is diagnosed as contagious, the emergency contact will be asked to collect the dog with immediate effect. No refund will be given in this circumstance. A dog can only be returned to Dachshunds Daycare for the remainder of the booking if their vet has deemed any illness as no threat to myself or other dogs. This must be in writing from your vet on their letterhead and signed. If you are a repeat customer, you must ensure that Dachshunds Daycare is informed of any changes to your dog’s health, routine or care. 


At this time, we are unable to look after dogs under 6 months. 

Dachshunds daycare terms of service CONTINUED...


Unless you have agreed for Dachshunds Daycare to provide food (at an additional charge), you understand that if insufficient food or other supplies are provided to cover your dog's stay, the cost of purchasing additional items will be payable on collection


For the safety of all dogs and humans, no dogs will be allowed to travel without some kind of restraint. In the event of an emergency, we may need to transport your dog by car. For variety and to keep walks entertaining for the dogs in our care, at times, we may also transport your dog to alternative locations.

We use the Pet Safe Solvit On Seat Car Booster For Dogs, which has been purposefully designed to prioritise pet safety, accompanied by the Solvit Deluxe Safety Harnesses. If there is a specific reason you need your dog to travel using an alternative method, you must discuss this with us prior to the commencement of our services and provide an alternative option, such as their own crate/harness or carrier. 


 We love to post pictures and videos of the pet/s in our care on our website, social media and/or in advertising. You acknowledge and accept that during the provision of any of our services, we may take photographs and/or make audio or other media recordings in which your dog may appear. You consent to us (and any person authorised by us) to copy or reproduce such material (whether by photo, film or other digital, electronic or printed media) as we may in our sole discretion determine, for the purpose of marketing and promoting our services without acknowledgment to you and without entitlement by you to any remuneration or compensation now or in the future. We agree not to use the material in a manner that may be deemed adverse or defamatory to you. We further agree that your personal details (including your name) will not be used in the featured material without your express consent. If for any reason, you do not wish for your pet’s photography to be displayed publicly, please make this clear to us prior to the commencement of services. All photos remain our copyright.


Payment for all services must be made in advance (unless otherwise agree) using bank transfer or cash. For ad hoc daycare and one-night overnight stays, we request 7 DAYS notice for cancellations. For longer stay holiday bookings (3+ days), we require 4 WEEKS notice for cancellations. Please note that you may be charged 100% for 'no shows' and late cancellations. The maximum number of guest dogs we can take care of is four, so places are very much in demand, particularly during busy periods like summer and Christmas. Once reservations for the maximum number of guest dogs have been received, we are forced to turn down bookings.


Operations Manual August 2019 (pdf)